Beginners Guide to Fishing on Coarse Lakes

At Mill Farm we run a number of events to help new anglers into the sport. We can also provide you with basic tackle if you want to give the sport a try without the expense of buying all the equipment and then deciding you do not like it. Most people find that they enjoy the sport and all that it entails; peace, tranquillity, nature, plus catching a few fish along the way – its a great way for people to relax in this fast paced world!

Here is our basic guide to get you started:

  1. Introduction
    1. Before you start!
    2. Basic Hygiene
    3. General Safety Information
    4. Things to remember
  2. Fish
  3. Fish Welfare
  4. Fishing Methods
  5. Bait
  6. Tackle
    1. Line
    2. Useful knots
    3. Weights/Shot
    4. Hooks

We also publish a number of tips and video guides on our facebook page

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