The list of fishing tackle is endless but we will cover the essentials in this guide. Go to a specialist tackle shop and avoid cheap alternatives, cheap kits or more expensive tackle at this stage.

Basic Start up Tackle

I would recommend buying the following kit:

Either – Option 1

11ft Twin Top Avon Rod and a Fixed Spool reel with spare spool
6lb Line (Main Line)
Size 14, 16, 18 Hooks to 3lb Nylon
3 or 4 Floats (Ideally Wagglers of different weights)
Dispenser of Mixed Shot
2 Swim Feeders & Ledgers
Swivels & Beads

OR – Option 2

An elasticated 3m or 4m Pole
3 or 4 readymade pole rigs with size 14/16/18 hooks.


2 Pint Bait box
Landing Net & Pole
Rod Rest
Bank stick

Option 1 will mean that you can fish all of the methods listed in this guide and is suitable for anglers aged 10 years and older. Option 2 is ideal for the beginner/younger angler aged 5-10 years old.


  1. Line
  2. Useful Knots
  3. Weights/Shot
  4. Hooks


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