The Lake

The lake is about 1 acre in size with 15 fishing pegs.

The lake contains a good head of fish including the following species:

  • Carp (Common, Mirror, Koi, Ghost) to 17lb
  • Bream to 9lb
  • Chub to 6lb
  • Barbel
  • Eel
  • Goldfish (including many Brown Goldfish)
  • Crusian
  • Roach
  • Rudd
  • Hybrids (Roach/Bream, Roach/Rudd, Goldfish/Carp, Goldfish/Crusian, Crusian/Carp)

The lake has a shallow ledge around the margins and around the islands, these areas can be very productive – especially when its warm. the lake then deepens off to the approximate depths as noted in the diagram.

In some places you will find small gravel ridges from when the lake was dug. There are gravel bottom areas, clay areas and silt areas in the lake – all producing at different times of the year.

The old gravel stream bed runs along the no fishing side of the lake about 2m from the rushes.

Fishing to the islands and rushes are both very productive with the method feeder proving to be the best tactic for an all round busy days fishing. Bigger baits will produce a bigger stamp of fish and will pick out the Chub.

The Carp like a consistently baited area, keep the bait going in and they will respond to the dinner bell – the sound of the bait hitting the water seems to attract them.

Maggots produce good results starting with smaller fish and then building up to Crusian’s, Brown Goldfish, F1’s, Bream and then Carp – don’t forget to feed little and often to keep the fish interested.

Small pieces of meat work well to pick out the bigger stamp of fish as does Sweetcorn. Bread is always a winner but please be careful with the ducks, swans and geese.