1. Only fishery supplied landing nets, unhooking mats and weighsling to be used. Do not Swing fish in as this can damage their mouths.
      2. All bombs, ledgers and swim feeders must be free running and not fixed or be fitted with Carp safe clips.
      3. No braided main line right through to the hook or hook lengths except coated braid hook links.
      4. Barbless hooks only. No exceptions.
      5. Two rods maximum per angler.
      6. No touching fish with rags. Wet or dry; rags are unacceptable.
      7. No keep nets.
      8. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an appropriate adult.
      9. Only 2 spectators per angler. (Management reserve the right to charge for large parties)
      10. Cars are to be left on the car park at all times. Please do not park in the lane or at the stables.
      11. Litter louts will be banned. Please leave facility clean and tidy. Bins are provided for rubbish (Brown) and recycling (Pink).
      12. Removal of any fish constitutes theft. THIEVES WILL BE PROSECUTED.
      13. No fishing the wildlife area of the east bank (adjacent to the lane). respect the wildlife and no swimming or paddling.
      14. No night fishing. No fires.
      15. No dogs allowed except by prior arrangement.
      16. No trampling or cutting of trees/vegetation.
      17. Keep off of the fishery equipment. Do not climb on the vehicles or into the boat. If they are in the way, report to the house.
      18. All anglers over the age of 13 require an EA Rod Licence. This is the law. The licence is your responsibility.
      19. Children under 13 years of age fishing in the same peg as their accompanying adult fish for free. Children under 13 occupying their own peg will be charged at the concessionary rate.

Mill Farm Fishery reserves the right to ban any angler who breaks the rules. Please act as bailiff if the need arises and report all issues to the house.

In the event of illegal fishing issues, report direct to the Environment Agency. Tel: 0800 80 70 60